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-{{ ::authoring_interaction_api_reference.zip |}}+**Post Call Treatment - for a post call Survey** 
 +When Unified CCX receives the disconnect event from an agent hangup (with the Finesse End button rather than the phone), it checks whether there is a call variable named PostCallTreatment. If there was only one agent in the call at hangup, it redirects the caller to the directory number (DN) which was stored in the PostCallTreatment variable. 
 +**Queue Management** 
 +A supervisor can manage resources across the assigned CSQs and teams by using the Queue Management feature. 
 +**Application Management** 
 +A supervisor can manage the prompts, if any configured, in the Unified CCX IVR script based applications that are assigned by the administrator. Supervisors can also associate calendars with applications. 
 +**Calendar Management** 
 +A supervisor can manage the business hours, holidays, and off hours in the calendars that are assigned by the administrator. 
 +**Outbound Campaign Management** 
 +A supervisor can manage the outbound campaigns that are assigned by the administrator. 
 +popover - configurable\\ 
 +Team Message\\ 
 +Agent Chat (can disable) - needs IMP 12.5\\ 
 +Wrap Timer can count up or down!\\ 
 +Multiwrap reasons (5 per call)\\ 
 +Finesse Layout\\ 
 +Supports Chrome & IE - Chome is better - and suppors notifications - note Notifications can be disabled by user (Chrome) or globally and its timers also set - makes sense NOT to disable\\ 
 +Many of the historical reports now available to Supervisor Reports\\ 
 +Make Call from Ready!\\ 
 +My History\\ 
 +Calendar ManagementUCCX Admin -> Applications -> Calendar Management\\ 
 +Calendar Step in a CCX Script\\ 
 +==== 12.5 - What you are NOT getting - but available with minor next upgrade ==== 
 +**Assign Prompts** 
 +Administrators can assign all or specific prompts to Unified CCX applications. Supervisors with Advanced Supervisor Capability can view and manage the prompts that are associated with the assigned Unified CCX applications by using the Finesse desktop. 
 +**Schedule Adding and Removing of Agents to Queue** 
 +In the Finesse desktop, supervisors with Advanced Supervisor Capability can set the date and time for auto-addition and auto-removal of agents from a queue. This allows the supervisors to automatically add and remove agents to a queue at the set date and time."​ 
 +**Cisco Webex Experience Management Post-Call Survey** 
 +Cisco Webex Experience Management is the platform for Customer Experience Management (CEM) , integrated with powerful tools that allow you to see your business from your customers perspective. Experience Management has all the sophisticated features and functionality including customer journey mapping in a single point-n-click platform. 
 +After enabling Experience Management in Unified CCX: 
 +Administrators can configure post-call surveys to collect feedback directly from customers. 
 +Administrators can configure analytical gadgets, which can be viewed on the Finesse desktop. 
 +Agents and supervisors can view pulse of the customers through industry standard metrics such as NPS, CSAT, and CES or other KPIs. 
 +**Keyboard Shortcuts** 
 +This release provides keyboard shortcuts for easy access to the Finesse desktop features. The keyboard shortcuts define an alternate way to perform a specific action on the Finesse agent and supervisor desktop. The administrator can set the utils finesse set_property desktop enableShortCutKeys to true to enable this feature. 
 +For more information,​ see Access Keyboard Shortcuts section in Cisco Finesse Agent and Supervisor Desktop User Guide at https://​www.cisco.com/​c/​en/​us/​support/​customer-collaboration/​finesse/​products-user-guide-list.html. 
 +**Edit Call Variables** 
 +This release allows agents and supervisors to edit the call variable values from the Finesse desktop. The administrator can configure any of the callVariable values, including ECC variables as editable. The agent and the supervisor can edit the call variable values during an active call or in the wrap-up state. 
 +**Drag-and-Drop and Resize Gadget or Component** 
 +This release allows agents and supervisors to drag-and-drop or resize the gadgets or components in the Finesse desktop. The administrator can customize the desktop property value of these features through the desktop layout: 
 +Default layout (Desktop Layout) 
 +Team-specific layouts (Manage Team Resources >​ Desktop Layout) 
 +Alternatively,​ the administrator can also set the utils finesse set_property desktop enableDragDropAndResizeGadget to true to enable these features. 
 +For more information,​ see Drag-and-Drop and Resize Gadget or Component section in Cisco Finesse Administration Guide at https://​www.cisco.com/​c/​en/​us/​support/​customer-collaboration/​finesse/​products-maintenance-guides-list.html. 
 +**Gadget Expand and Collapse** 
 +This release supports to expand and collapse of gadgets dynamically in the Finesse desktop to optimize available screen space. 
 +For more information,​ see Container Services section in JavaScript Library at https://​developer.cisco.com/​docs/​finesse/#​!javascript-library. 
 +**Desktop Layout Editors** 
 +This release provides two types of editors in the Desktop Layout and Team Resources of the Cisco Finesse administration console. 
 +Text Editor—A plain text editor. It is the default editor. Use the Expand All option to see all the code details and Search box to refine results. 
 +XML Editor—An XML editor. The administrator cannot add or edit comments (<!-- -->) in this editor.