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   * [[https://​developer.cisco.com/​docs/​enterprise-chat-and-email/​|ECE Devnet]]   * [[https://​developer.cisco.com/​docs/​enterprise-chat-and-email/​|ECE Devnet]]
   * [[vendors:​cisco:​uc:​ece:​webapi|ECE Web Service API]]    * [[vendors:​cisco:​uc:​ece:​webapi|ECE Web Service API]] 
-  * [[vendors:​cisco:​uc:​ece:​demojs|Demo Website Javascript API using ECE & CCE APIs]] ​ 
   * [[vendors:​cisco:​uc:​ece:​apiexample|Chat using CCE and ECE APIs]]   * [[vendors:​cisco:​uc:​ece:​apiexample|Chat using CCE and ECE APIs]]