Cisco Smart Licensing


crypto pki trustpoint SLA-TrustPoint
enrollment terminal
revocation-check none
! license smart url cslu <SSM On Prem - CSLU URL>
license smart url cslu

CUBE-LAB#license smart sync local
  1. The process seems to be that the Gateway uploads to DLU to the SSM On Prem.
  2. The SSM ON Prem then has to sync to cloud to get it verified.
  3. Once the Licenses appears on the cloud - you need another sync for it to appear on SSM ON Prem
  4. And then I assume a further sync from the gateway so it knows it has been successful?

You can spend this process up by doing manually syncs.

CUBE-LAB#show platform software license dlc
Index 1  Feature:           uck9
Permanent License:  1
EVAL RTU License:   0
RTU License:        0
Paper License:      0

DLC Process Status: Completed

DLC Conversion Status: SUCCESS
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