Cisco Unified Sip Proxy (CUSP)


When you log into CUSP CLI - and do a show running config - it does not show the CUSP config, but only the core setup.

How to configure

  • To enter CUSP config, enter the command cusp
  • Then to see the config, do a show configuration active
    • If you want to view ALL of teh config including the Routing Table - you must add the verbose command, e.g.
      show configuration active verbose
  • to enter configuration mode, use the command configure
  • To commit the configuration for this example, enter the following command:commit


  • see the current active configuration, enter the show configuration active command.
  • To see what the active configuration will be after you commit your changes, enter the show configuration candidate command.
ROUTER#service-module SM 1/0 session
Trying, 2067 ...
% Connection refused by remote host

Update the config for line 67 as per below:

line 67
 transport input all
  • Assign a ANI/CLI to the Campaign using the prefix configuration, which sets the REMOTE-PARTY-ID SIP header

  • Create a Trigger on CUSP to match these against these specific calls

  • Create Normalization Rule to prefix calls find and replace 00 with 0044

  • Create a Pre-Normalization and assign it the Trigger and Normalization Rule

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