Instead of using individual DNs in a route point you can use a wildcard.
However this wildcard DN must be setup in ICM as a dialednumber so that ICM registeres the wildcard DN.

You must also setup the individual DN numers and Calltypes


CTI Route Point with a DN Wildcard Value = 25XX This is a block of 100 DNs from 2500 to 2599

Configure ICM with the Dialednumber of 25XX - note: CCM is the Routing client
Configure 100 DNs in ICM using bulk import tool of 2500 - 2599, (again CCM is the routing client).

Note: The ICM 25XX dialednumber is only used for JTAPI registration.
Without the 25XX dialled number, the CTI DN wildcard in CCM will not register and therefore none of the 100 numbers would work.

The individual numbers (2500, 2501.. etc.) are configrued with a calltype & therefore script that you want to be used, when a user dials 2500 etc.

- thanks to Jason Williams.

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