Synchronizing the UCCE Test Environment

  • Before overwriting the Test Environment - confirm that no configuration on it needs to be backed up or exported before hand.
  • Note: an export of the Logger A <instance>_sideA for the test environment is included below, so if required it would be possible to revert the test environment configuration if required.
  1. Shutdown the LAB UCCE Distributor Service on (A+B)
  2. Shutdown the LAB UCCE Router & Logger Services (A+B)
  3. Using ICMDBA (start →run “icmdba”) - Export Config from LAB UCCE. This backs up the data in case you need it later.
  4. Using ICMDBA - Export Config from Production UCCE (using same method as above)
  5. Using ICMDBA - Import the Production Config into the LAB Rogger A.
  6. Using ICMDBA - Sync Lab Logger A → B
  7. Restart LAB (in this order) Logger A, Router A, Router B, Logger B
  8. Restart LAB Distributors
  9. Initialize Local Database on each LAB Distributor to re-import AW config (Desktop → Administration Tools → Initialize Local Database)
  10. Import the Lab Inventory via the Lab CCE Admin
  11. Review Import Rules for Outbound Dialer and change details if necessary.
  1. Media Files
    • FOLDER: C:\X-Support\PRD SYNC\
    • SCRIPT:1. Copy-MediaFiles-from PRD-to-LAB.cmd
  2. Text Config Files
    • FOLDER: C:\X-Support\PRD SYNC\
    • SCRIPT:2. Copy-Text_Config_Files-from-PRD-to-LAB.cmd
  1. Log into and resync users manually
  1. No option to synchronize Finesse Config from production - manual updates only
  2. i.e. a full backup / restore and change hostname & IP address would be technically possible but impacting and not practical
  3. Note: Phone books could be exported and imported.
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