Call Flow Provisioning Summary

  • Entry Point - Name, Description, Channel Type (Telephony, Chat, Email, Social Channel)
  • Agent
  • Team
  • Skill (within the Flow you define which Skill you want to use within the Queue node)
  • Queue - Name, Channel, LAA or Skill
    • if LAA → Select Call Distribution Group (i.e. Teams)
    • if Skill → Select LAA or Proficiency - and select which Teams can be used. (you MUST select at least one Team)
    • Note: a skill is not configured directly in the Queue config. It is configured in the IVR Flow within the Queue element.
  • IVR Flow

Dialed Number → Entry Point → Routing Strategy → Flow → Queue (which teams?) → Skill (configured in the flow) selects skills (if its a skill based queue) → Select Agent

  • Routing Strategy → Select Entry Point
    • Routing Strategy → Name, Time Settings, Music on Hold, Flag as Default RS (or not), Call Control (Flow)
    • The Default Strategy will run if no other strategies are valid. i.e. non default are checked first.
  • Provisioning → Entry Point Mappings
    • Select Voice Pop Bridge Telephony Number and Assign to an Entry Point
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