Invite Users to access your licenses


Example - you need to allow another user (perhaps a 3rd party) access to certain ESXi licenses associated with you account.

1) Move all the licenses you want to share / invite user access to into a single new folder 2) Send invite to user and set permissions.

  • Login to Vmware Connect -
  • Search for the relevant licenses as per below and move to a new folder
    • Select Products and Accounts → Accounts → Manager License
    • Select License Key (from Search Drop down box), enter license key and check the “Select All”
    • As per below - we have now found the license and the current folder it is in.
    • Select the License and click the Move button
    • Click New folder and enter the new folder name - e.g. Cisco VMware License for Customer X, Accept the warning and click OK.
    • Repeat the above steps until all your licenses are in a single folder - which you will invite a user to have access to.
  • Select Accounts → Users and Permissions
  • Search for your newly created folder which contains the relevant license files - and select it and click Invite New User
  • Enter the users Name and email address and select ADD and then click CONTINUE
  • The selected folder should be the ONLY folder checked. Click CONTINUE again and then select correct roles (Administrator if you want to hand over the licenses to this user).
  • Finally Click CONFIRM
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