All CAT 5 should be brought back to a “Comms hub / area”, e.g. a little 'network room, such as under the stairs, or office etc. Also buy a small Rack Kit where 24 Patch panel is installed (cables are connected to this). Then a small patch cable from patch panel which would connect from patch panel to the switch etc.

the Broadband router can be located where it comes into the house (where you should have an ethernet port). This connects it back to this patch panel where it plugs into the switch. So the switch and everything on it has internet access. (note - I use a separate FW - so a little different - but I can explain if need be).

Where do you need Ethernet RJ45 ports?

  • Cat5/Cat6 cable to
    • TV Points
    • Ceiling Wifi Access Points
    • Office
    • Double one access point were broadband enters house (FTTH / DSL) (one port used to bring network up to the Comms Room and the other which can be connected to the main ethernet switch giving internet access).
    • Doorbell
    • Cameras

24 PoE Switch (EUR 724)

3 Pack Wireless Access Points (EUR 540)

3 Pack Camera - G3 Pro (EUR 909)

Cloud Connect 'Server' - and Network Video Recorder (allows you managed network remotely and also records camera - and you can view remotely (EUR 205)

Elite Doorbell - EUR 400

Doorbell Chime (you can buy multiple and plug them in anywhere in the house to hear the doorbell ring). Your phone should also alert you and you can see and talk to the person on the phone. You can also link to Amazon Echo - and it can inform you when someone is working up to the door (before them press the bell)

This RJ45 Socket of course connects back to your central point - where they are all connected into a single Ethernet PoE switch - and get a unifi Ethernet Switch.

Actually - even better - what I would do is REMOVE your existing RJ45 Plate in the room and replace with JUST this device. (the cable connected into the existing RJ45 Socket - I would put a plug into it and then connect it directly to this wall device and then all you have on the wall is this wifi access point - which ITSELF has a ethernet port on it - if you want to connect anything to it.

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